Socrates Nomination Committee Award for the Chairman-Mr. Alexander Asiedu.

The Socrates Nomination Committee, in cooperation with its partners from 26 countries, investigates public opinion to discover contemporary leaders – outstanding persons and successful companies representing different countries which have made a great contribution to national economies and positive social processes.

Atlantic Holdings Limited is known regionally for top-level overall performance and has been highly scored by the Nomination Committee. The Committee has recommended your company for the “Best Enterprise” award due to your strong position on the national market, your desire to continue business expansion and the welfare of your workers, as well as the high quality of your products and level of customer satisfaction. Atlantic Holdings Limited met all of the required criteria for the “Best Enterprise” award nomination and the CEO is also eligible for the “Manager of the Year” medal.
In accordance with the above, we would like to nominate your company for the “Best Enterprise” award.